Our Quality Policy


Acting on the promises of “People First” and “Customer Satisfaction” our company regards as its main principles, to leave behind a livable environment for the future generations, to fulfill customer satisfaction at the upmost level by producing under appropriate standards and to improve quality and environment management systems by following environmentally responsible technologies, while simultaneously satisfying customer requests and requirements.

In this context, the “Main Principles” of our company are:

-To produce in compliance with the national and international standards and to follow and to apply the environmental regulations in the areas related to our production activity,

-To satisfy the customer requests and requirements exceeding the expectation with regard to the customer satisfaction principle,

-To maximize the knowledge transfer by establishing mutually advantageous relationships with suppliers and customers,

-To improve constantly Hanif Cable Quality and Environment Management System and therefore its total performance,

-To deliver education to Hanif Cable’s employees from every level with their participation in order to increase their knowledge and skill levels as well as their conscience about environment,

-To increase the efficiency and productivity of the system by taking the proces approach,

-To preserve natural resources, by saving the sonsumption of raw materials and reducing the use of energy resources without compromising the quality of the product,

-To comply with the requirements of the law while using the existing environment sources and leave behind a clean, livable environment to the future generations,

-As a result of all this, to become a company which is equipped with the appropriate technology is highly capable to compete, provides maximum contribution to the nation’s economy, is the leader in quality and is environmentally responsible.

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